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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wow I need my bed

Had quite a good day today, another day without any seizures wasn't even that tired today either I'm currently drinking my last pint of water and putting some sudacream on my face the now. The water is definitely effecting the amount I'm peeing constantly needing the toilet 😂😳, my tutor came and I got some art work done and josh( my boyfriend ) came witch was fun to. I'm going to chose a book and read it for a review hmm what one to chose is a hard decision. Some tea and a book before bed ahh. Ill post again in the morning and tell you about the book I chose and a bit about it.

Love cara x

What to wright about hmm

 I was thinking what I should start wrighting about and I had some ideas on what I'd like to read so that's proberally a good start I was thinking :-

  • Personal life/feelings/emotions ect
  • Book reviews 
  • Just some normal rants about anything
  • And just being a teenager 

Leave some comments if you have any suggestions 

Love cara x 

Day 1 sudacream and water

 May as well try the sudacream and water experiment have a big pint of water in my hand now definitely on a mission to have no spots for going back to school, there horrendous things. Up nice and early to tidy my room do some studying and see my boyfriend all before my tutor comes being a teenager is actually quite tricky, woke up feeling great so that's always good better go get ready to go the school run with my mum and sister lucky her eh ❤

            Love  cara x 

Monday, 9 September 2013

So tired but so awake

I need to sleep my tutors coming  tomorrow because im not aloud to go to school yet I want to sit up and eat sweets just because I know I can't, when your lying in bed so many thoughts go through your head like does sudocream actually help your skin and does watter seriously make a difference either so for a whole week starting tomorrow im going to drink 4 pints of water a day and Wear sudocream with no make up here goes ...
Ahh I better actually try and get to sleep

Love cara ❤🎀

Night time ahh

Oooh I went my first full day without having any seizures today👌happy girl. I slept nearly the whole day, I watched the wedding singer and Alice and the wonderland that kept me going I suppose, had such a yucky day feeling sick all day today I can't decide if I'm not well or I just had a really horrible lunch, cheesy pasta is usually nice but this was horrible 🔫. I'm actually shattered so I'm going to go for a wee sleep and post again in the morning, tonight without that heart monitor thank goodness that was the noisiest thing ever ahh, sweet dreams love cara x 

First ever post, a bit about me

This post is quite long but just so I can tell you a bit about me.

My name is cara I am 14 and this is my wee story, about two years ago I got taken into hospital to get my appendix taken out turns out I had a cyst on my ovaries I've had trouble with them up until a couple of weeks ago when I started to forget about the pain because I've started having seizures so now im getting tested for epilepsy I haven't had any today thank goodness but im still not aloud back to school,  spending lots of time in my grannies studying. Hopefully I can go back to school in a few weeks!!!!!

Well that's my written my first ever post ill do another one tonight and tell you how today got on x
            love cara